Documentary Photography

I love documentary photography because it captures the small everyday moments that don’t get enough attention. Not having to pose is also a bonus.

I started doing documentary photography to connect with people and share my health struggles with ulcerative colitis. It started from a need to add context to my story and shape people’s understanding and continues to be an important part of my work.

But I had difficulty documenting my experience with ulcerative colitis whenever I got extremely sick. Even my phone seemed like it weighed 100 pounds. And it was hard to operate it when I had multiple iv sites and my arms were swollen and lumpy. My memory was foggy and dreamlike and I have vast amounts of time that I can’t remember.

I wanted to document what was happening to share the devastation ulcerative colitis can have on your life and the lives of your loved ones.

But I also wanted to document it for myself. To remember. When you can’t remember weeks and sometimes months of your life, pictures can be comforting evidence of reality.

It did happen. You were that bad off. You struggled that much. It wasn’t just in your nightmares. And you overcame it.  

So, I wish I had someone else recording those memories for me. I have a few pictures that family members took, but those are few and far in-between.

Documenting the small moments

But documentary photography isn’t only about capturing the devastating and ugly. Or even just major life events. It’s also about catching all those small moments that don’t get enough attention.

I didn’t realize until recently that I was conditioned to like documentary-style photography over other styles. My dad and grandparents all had cameras that they used to capture everyday family life.

Like my obsession with trying on all the adults’ shoes.

Reading with family members.

Cuddles, kisses, tickles, and general silliness.

The way I sat as a child and still sit as an adult.

Being a big sister.

Bathroom and other daily routines (yes even scenes on the toilet can be special).

I find all these images inspiring and they are the framework that has shaped my own photography. So, if you, like me,

  • Don’t like posing for pictures
  • Love seeing the small moments that are rarely captured
  • Are tired of being the one behind the camera

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